What is the difference between


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We have been asked this question often and would like to explain key differences.
To begin, both Dates are of the Sukkari variety, the most famous and appreciated date variety in Saudia Arabia.

So what is the difference between Sukkari Crispy and Sukkari Soft?

1. Humidity
The primary difference lies in its moisture content. Our Sukkari dates are harvested at optimal stage.
While Sukkari Crispy are fresh but with crispy-candy texture, the Sukkari Soft is harvested earlier from the palm trees maintaining a higher level of moisture.
2. Taste
We like to say that Sukkari Crispy are a “sweet candy sensation” and Soft Sukkari a more “marron glacé” natural sensation. Does that give you an idea? 🙂
3. Conservation
Sukkari Crispy can be stored at room temperature up to 3 months. Soft Sukkari require storage in refrigeration. Both, when stored in fridge, can last up to one year shelf-life.
4. Versatility
If you travel, hike or have not much refrigeration space, Sukkari Crispy may be the date for you.
If you delected yourself with smooth and melting dates, Sukkari Soft are the one to go!
If you operate a raw food kitchen, cafeteria, or catering you may want to use Sukkari ExtraSoft as they blend better in recipes, requiring no additional soaking in water.
If you need dates to achieve a drier consistency you may opt for Sukkari Crispy.
5. Final Verdict
As always taste is very subjective and one person’s likes may another person dislike!
We at DateCoop have very different preference: I (Aivan) personally prefer Crispy Sukkary because of the more drier-crisp consistency. In my team however many praise ExtraSoft Sukkari above all!
That’s great so we won’t fight over our Sukkari 🙂
You can download the infographic here