Deglet Nour or Noor means “Fingers of light”

fruit of light2

So called probably because of their slight translucency and their elongated shape. Their seed can be seen right through the flesh when held to the light.


Cultivated in Tunisia since 5000 years, the Date Palm Tree is often named “the Tree of Life” in the regions where the food and source of wood were so scarce. From the palm tree they were able to produce many products.DEGLET_tree

In the desert they the nomadic tribes often call the dates “bread of the desert”. They are now praised all over the world for their high nutritional value.


Rich in potassium, iron and fluorine, it is fully loaded with many vitamins and minerals.

They also contains sulfur, magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, manganese, copper, amino acids, vitamin A, B, specially B6, C, K and folate.

Dates are also high in antioxidants with the Deglet Nour variety being the best at scavenging free radicals.

The three main antioxidants in the fruit are beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin. They are also high in antioxidant polyphenol and their tannins are protective against inflammation and infection.

Everything to help you to be healthy and feel good in your body at any age!


Our Deglet Nour dates come from Tunisia,

where they are semi dried by the sun, without any treatment or chemical addition.

The Deglet Nour are “medium sweet” and semi-dried but still soft and mouth melting.

The fine palate will recognise a very pleasant nutty aftertaste, similar to the almond flavour.

dates of lightTo keep the maximum of the freshness and elegance of this delicacy fruit,

the Date-Coop Deglet Nour are served on their original branche.

For a long conservation, store them in the fridge or in a cool place, in any case keep them far from the sunlight.

Put the one you want to eat at room temperature about 1 hour or more before the degustation.

Going for a hike or run or any other sportive activities? This dates will store well under any condition and make it therefore a perfect energy snack on the go!

Dates can be use without any imagination limits for your culinary creations.

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