Sukkari” means “Sweet

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Less known in Europe than in Saudi Arabia, where they are a favorite fruit often referred as the “King of Dates”.


Sukkari dates have a blonde gold color and a fresh, sweet pulp. On the market they are often harvested late and thereof dry. Our selection however, in addition to be free from chemicals, conservants and any heat-treatment (technically RAW), is being harvested when soft, making it so a very fresh distinctive quality. They are pleasant to be eaten with a cup of tea, or a meal reminding of a “candy-alike” taste, 100% natural of course.




In our recent travels around the globe we learned about a project that uses 100% natural methods of cultivation in Saudia Arabia. We partnered up because impressed by the quality and willing to support a project that promotes responsible farming practices. In addition the project empowers local communities with a sustainable livelihood.




At DateCoop, we have the Sukkari and the Sukkari Extra Soft.

Both all natural, only the harvesting time on the tree is different!

Both incredibly tasty!



SUKKARI (or Sukkari Crispy)

The Sweet candy sensation!

– store very well on travel

– no need refrigeration

– perfect gift

– can be a little cristallised





Natural Marron Glacé!

– melting in the mouth

– perfect for cooking

– needs refrigeration




Sukkari vs. Sukkari Extra Soft... What is the difference?

Read more on Sukkari vs. Sukkari Extra Soft… What is the difference?



Because at DateCoop we want to share the best products at the affordable prices, the quality – price of the Sukkari is also extraordinary!

Give them a try!

Test Sukkari and Sukkari Extra Soft on your DateCoop SHOP

Start with the MINI-OPTIONS of 3kg Box

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